Toyger Cat Breed Information, Characteristics and History

Toyger cat is new domestic cat breed, which was bred to get a cat that resembles a tiger but can be kept at home and play. Toyger word itself is an abbreviation of “Toy Tiger” (tiger who can be invited to play). The cat’s body, coat, and movement are still somewhat developed. Toyger cat was bred from the descendants of domestic tabby cat and standard Bengal tabby cat (which came from the wild Asian Leopard Cat).

This cat breed is still in development process. Its first-time approval for registration was by The International Cat Association (Tica) in the early 1990s. Some breeders in the U.S. and Britain tried to develop this breed. Toyger cats got the status of Preliminary New Breed in 2000. Though initially, they could only be awarded at first, second and third breed, They now qualify for the championship judging, in Spring 2008.

Appearance Characteristics of Toyger Cat

  • Toyger is a medium-sized cat with fur or hair like Bengal’s.
  • Overall, Toyger has a solid bones and balance structure.
  • This cat has a long body and tail, the rounded ears tip, big bone and muscular, muzzle prominent large chin with broad nose tip.
  • Toyger is a medium to short-haired cat.
  • Its hair or coat color is brown or gold color, no other colors are allowed.
  • Toyger cat has a shimmery, shiny coat with ‘broken’ stripes. There’s high contrast between under color and stripes (black markings are preferred, but some are tan or brown)
  • Its ideal coat color is dark orange with black stripes like the tigers’.
  • It has white tummy, white patterns in lower face, above eyes, and whited ears (bright ‘head lights’-like a tiger). Toyger cat has circular tiger-like cheek markings.

Behavioral Characteristics of Toyger Cats

  • For the modern city life with humans in mind. Toyger is an intelligent and willing companion animal, active and easily trained.
  • This cat has a good temperament with good health and are it relatively resistant to disease.
  • Toyger is a cat that compassionate, intelligent, like to sleep but quite active and aggressive.
  • This cat can easily adapt to the children or other animals. At present some breeds of Toyger are quite vocal (meows often).
  • It is Important to note that although there is still a small amount of wild blood in this cat resulting from Bengal heritage. They are not related to tigers.

The similarities between Bengal and Toyger

Toyger cats can be easily trained like the domestic Bengal cats. They loves water, they are loyal and somewhat can be dog-like. Both of them are vocal or talkative cats. They are excellent pets because they can get along well with other animals and even children. Toygers, like Bengals, can be trained to walk on leashes and do some ‘tricks’ as well.

Breeders are trying to create resemblances between their wild ‘muses’ and the domestic breeds not only to body and markings, but even with movement. Toyger cats are said to move with elegance, purpose and grace much like their wild tiger “cousins.”

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