Symptoms of a Pregnant Cat – Stages, Labor Signs and More

Cat pregnancy may be one thing which has been waited by cat owners. Then how do we know if our cat is pregnant or not? The followings are symptoms of a pregnant cat.

It is important to always note the date of your cat mating. From the date of this mating we can estimate the birth time, so we can prepare ourselves to get new kittens. Cats who are pregnant can experience physical and behavioral changes.

Physical Changes symptom

  • The abdomen begin to swell. Pregnant cats’ belly begins to look bigger at 5 weeks of gestation. The abdomen will continue to be bigger until close to the birth.
  • Reddened and enlarged nipples (pink). One significant sign is a change in the mother cat’s nipple. The nipples are slightly swollen and discolored to be reddish (pink).
  • The milk begins to be produced and may be issued approximately 3-2 weeks during the latest pregnancy period. So when the cat’s nipple is squeezed gently and there is milk fluid, it means the birth will happen about 2-3 weeks.
  • The fur or hair around the cat’s nipple is thinning

Behaviour Changes symptoms


  • Vomiting. In some cases (rarely) pregnant cat is vomiting, likewise women in early pregnancy. Just immediately contact and consult a veterinarian if this happens to your cat.
  • Stopping of estrous cycle suddenly. The estrous cycle of cats depends on various things, one of which is the season. The average length of one cat’s estrous cycle is around 1-1.2 months. Cat’s estrous lasts approximately for 7 days. If after the breeding or mating, the cat’s lust is stopped suddenly, most likely the pregnancy has occurred.
  • The pregnant cat usually shows increased appetite. Of course, increased appetite is aimed at providing adequate nutrition for mother and fetus development.
  • Most pregnant cats experience behavioral changes such as be more quiet and gentle. In addition, they also seek more attention to the owner. At the end of pregnancy, it is usually seen some behavior such as anxiety and the cat would rather be in a warm and covered place.


Make Sure about Cat Pregnancy

If you still not sure though you have known the symptoms of a pregnant cat, your veterinarian can help to ensure your cat’s pregnancy. Experienced people can ensure the cat’s pregnancy by palpation (feeling) at the age of 3-4 weeks of the cat’s pregnancy. Devices such as ultrasound (ultrasonography) and X-rays can be used to confirm pregnancy. Ultrasound can confirm pregnancy after at least one week old womb. Kittens’ or fetus fetal heartbeat could be detected after the age of 3 weeks.

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