Scottish Fold Cat Breed Information, Characteristics, History and Behavior

Generally, all cats’ ears stand. Unlike the dogs, cats with folded ears are very rarely found. Scottish fold cat is a cat breed with a rare genetic mutation. The cat that looks like an owl is a little bit scary with a gray hair.

The ancestors of Scottish fold cat is a cat named Susie, who was born in Coupar Angus, Perthshire, Scotland, in 1961. Susie had folded ears, which is inherited to some of her kittens. William Ross, a fan of cats living in farm areas are then breeding the this type of cat, with the help of a geneticist named Pat Turner. From this breeding, about 55% of cats are born with folded ears and the rest were born with normal ears.

Scottish Fold is the name which flourished since 1966, sometimes this most expensive cat is also called Coupari. Their real name is FLOPS due to their “floppy” ears. But after intentionally bred then there’re given the name Scottish Fold Cat, their popular name until now.

This unique eared cat caused some debate at that time because there was an assumption that the gene which causes the folded ears have a bad impact on the Scottish Fold cat’s health, its ears are also difficult to be cleaned according to some cat competition juries at the time.

Depend on the register, Scottish cat long-haired variety is known as the Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, Longhair Fold and Coupari.

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Appearance Characteristics of Scottish Fold Cat

  • Scottish fold cats have bred with the dominant natural gene mutation that makes its ear cartilage contained and cause the ears bent and folded forward and down toward the front of their heads.
  • Scottish fold cats were born with a normal ear (straight), then after three weeks, its ears began to appear folded. So at the beginning of its birth, it can not be immediately known whether the ears will be folded or just normal.
  • Scottish fold cat’s hair is medium length and soft.
  • Scottish fold cats have a round body, medium size and it does not look complicated,
  • Its big head is round and has a strong neck.
  • Scottish fold cat’s eyes are big and round and in harmony with the color of their fur.
  • This fold cat’s nose is short and wide, having rounded brush-shaped mustache.
  • The ears are small, with the folds close to the skull.
  • The tail is wider at the base, thinning and round to the top.


Behavioral Characteristics of Scottish Fold Cats

  • The cat likes to sleep in a supine position. When Scottish Fold cat sleeps on its back, sometimes the cat is purring like a human.
  • Cat lovers like the Scottish cat because it is really tame, can be close to its owner.
  • When angry or frightened, the cat’s ear moves backward while the cat is growling or hissing
  • When listening to a sound, Scottish Fold cat’s ears will move toward the sound source; the cat’s ears can lead forward, side even seems like turning back.

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