Ragdoll Cats Breed Information, History, Characteristics and Facts

Ragdoll cats are one of the largest domestic cat breeds with a solid body, frame and proportionately having large feet. This cat breed comes with blue eyes and varied colorpoint coat. This is a semi-artist big and muscular cat with a soft and smooth fur. The name “Ragdoll” is derived from the tendency of limp and relax when they’re picked up.


#History of Ragdoll Cat

According to the history, Ragdoll first appearance was in 1963. It was begun by Ann Baker who often borrowed a black male cat (named Blackie) from her neighbor, Mrs. Pennels. Blackie was seen as a black Persian cat physically and was born by a white fur mother cat named Josephine. Josephine’s physical has seemed like angora and she had a medium length fur.

One time, Josephine was hit by a car and lied on the street for several days. After she was found she’s brought to the animal hospital from a local college to be treated. Josephine’s health was back but she lost one eye. After returned to Mrs. Pennel’s house, Josephine was pregnant and gave birth, but her nature is changed, she became calmer and more resistant to illness. This makes Ann Baker was more interested in Josephine.

Josephine also had another male kitten from a different father cat, named Daddy Warbucks. Ann Baker was also often borrowed this cat. From this crossbreeding of the three cats (Blackie, Josephine, and Daddy Warbucks) Ann Baker got Ragdoll cats breed.

Ann Baker went on to establish a special organization of Ragdoll cats fans in 1971 which still stands today. Then there was a husband and wife who bought a pair of IRCA Ragdoll and intended to create a standard and “stabilize” Ragdoll genetic traits to be accepted by all cat associations fans.

From a breeding program with a rigorous selection eventually resulted in standard Ragdoll cat breed. Then the organization of Ragdoll Fanciers Club International (RFCI) was established which aims to disseminate this breed and make the rules and guidelines for Ragdoll breeders.


#Appearance Characteristics of Ragdoll Cats

  • There are six kinds of hair colors of the Ragdoll but only four colors which are accepted by most cat fans associations, they are a seal, blue, chocolate and lilac colors, while red and cream are not accepted by some associations. All of these colors form 4 color patterns that are classified into: bi-color, van (which by some associations are not accepted), mitted and point (solid, lynx, tortie).
  • It has a heavy and large body, wide chest and large parts of the pelvis. Female cats (5 to 7.5 kg) and male cats (6-10 kg).
  • Ragdoll cats’fur or hair is medium length and the texture similar to rabbits’. Compared to Persian, Ragdoll does not require sweeping hair every day.
  • Like Himalayan & Siamese cat breed, Ragdoll cats have “point” color gene. When they’re still kittens, they have white hair color and then other colors have appeared when growing.


#Behavioral Characteristics of Ragdoll Cat

  • Ragdoll cat is considered an adult cat at the age of 3 years old.
  • Ragdolls are familiar with humans and adaptable to us.
  • These cats are known as the tame pet, having the calm temperament and affectionate in nature.
  • They are perfect for living in any household.

They are so tame that can be harmful to them when going out because they will not defend themselves if they attacked by another animal.

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