Indoor Cat vs Outdoor Cat – Pros and Cons Indoor Cats

Indoor Cat vs Outdoor Cat: The indoor-outdoor matter is often discussed among cat owners and cat lovers. Basically, cats are creatures who love the outdoors, and that it is natural for them to be able to go out and enjoy the socialization, sunshine, and fresh air with other outdoor creatures.


However, there is no certain knowledge that indoor cat is better or not compared with cats that have access out of the house. The important thing is cat owners can meet all the needs of both cats who lived indoor or outdoor. Compared to cats who have the freedom to get out of the house, the cat who lived in the house has additional needs that must be met so that they are still healthy and happy.

Cats can adapt quite well to live indoor if they have lived in the environment since they were kittens, but cats which were used to go out of the house will be more difficult to adapt. ‘Outdoor cats’ should not be confined to the house, except for health reasons. If you adopt a kitten and want to make it ’indoor cat’, we recommend that you adopt another kitten as well so they could have a companion.

For the active animals such as cats, the indoor environment at home can be tedious, and it can cause stress in cats, cats become lazy and overweight (obesity). So it is important to meet all the needs that your cat needs.


As your consideration, here are the pros and cons of indoor cat;

Pros for Indoor Cat:

  • Injury or death by fighting with other cats
  • Problems with neighbors: cats littering their yards
  • Infectious diseases contracted from other cats: FIP,FIV,FeLV,URIs
  • Poisoned intentionally or accidentally
  • Parasites: fleas, ticks, ringworm
  • Injury or death by dogs or predators
  • Getting lost, picked up by A/C
  • Injury or death by sadists
  • Theft for sale as laboratory animals or “bait” for illicit gaming
  • Killing of wildlife by outdoor cats
  • Injury or death by vehicles


Cons for Indoor Cat:

  • Indoor cats are lazy and don’t get the exercise they need.
  • The cats love the outdoors, fresh air and sunshine, and I love watching them there.
  • Cats by their very nature deserve the freedom of outdoor life.


You may have your own conditional considerations besides the above pros and cons. For example, the location of your house where you and your cats live. If it’s near highway, you may want to keep your cat save indoor, and vice versa. Then if you don’t want your cat wandering freely at the house, you can build cat house in your yard.


Whatever your decision about indoor cat vs outdoor cat is, may it will be the best for you and your cat.

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