Important Tips on how to get Rid of Pet Urine Odor

Your pet urine odor may be some kind of nightmare for you since your pet is untrained or start peeing everywhere in your house. The odor is really bad because the urine contains ammonia and the odor comes from the bacteria in the urine. It will continue growing if it isn’t destroyed and the urine odor will get worse.

How to Remove Pet Urine Odor

Most of the cat or dogs owners fail in removing the pet odor because they make one common mistake, but actually, there’re quite some methods can work effectively if chosen carefully. The mistake is using the wrong method in different cases. For instance, you shouldn’t use the same method which removes the pet urine odor on a carpet to remove pet urine from upholstery.

It is very strongly advised that not to apply any cleaners that contain ammonia substance, otherwise it will only worsen. If you try to scrub off a cat and dog urine stain with a detergent, it won’t help. Pet urine stains are hard if you don’t use the right method.

You can try the proper air purifier for effectively eliminating and suspending pet odor and leading a healthier lifestyle to take breathe the pure fresh air. It works really simple. You just should place the purifier in a strategic location at your home or office, then let it works. The pet urine odor disappears and you can breathe healthy again before you realize it.  However, this purifier works on the air only. It can’t be applied to eliminate pet urine in your carpets or fabrics.

How to Choose the Right Product?

The products to get rid of pet urine odor and stains can be divided into three categories. This is important to be known if you want to choose the right products.

  1. Bacterial – the cleaning products which contain bacteria work by eating the urine odor components and introducing the bacteria onto the stain. Commonly they also contain enzymes. The bacteria need proper moisture, right temperature, and food to reproduce.
  2. Chemical – the products breaking down the molecules which produce pet odor. However, some of these products can discolor furniture or carpets. You should try first applying at a little spot to make sure that it won’t happen. Be careful also that some of the chemical based products can be dangerous for your cat or yourself.
  3. Enzymatic – Enzymes are proteins which make chemical reactions become faster. Enzymes break up the pet urine into ammonia and carbon dioxide which are the two gases which evaporate rapidly. It works best in eliminating both od pet urine odor and stain.

You may try a liquid based cleaning solution as another option, it includes steam cleaning. But it can’t work for stains on mattresses, carpets, sofas, upholstery, and other fabrics since the stain are absorbed deep down into the fabrics, pores or fibers. Liquid enzyme cleaners can eliminate the odor for the just certain duration.

The last but not least way of dismissing pet urine odor is by using dry powder cleaners. It works as sponges by absorbing the source of odor and stain. Based on these several reviews and tips, I believe you can choose the best way which matches your problem of the pet urine smell.

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