How to Do Basic Cat Emergency Care and First Aid Information

As cat owners, you may experience emergency situations regarding your cats or kittens. Your cats and kittens may unexpectedly get ill or accident anytime which would require you to act fast to help them by taking them to the veterinary emergency clinic or do basic cat emergency care. However, mostly, in some emergency cases, you won’t have the time to get to the emergency veterinary clinics.


Cat Emergency Care and First Aid Information

Thus in managing such situations, every cat owner needs to know and able to do the basic cat emergency care or first aid. It is very essential to have this knowledge because sometimes there is a deadly risk for your cats if they are left untreated in their emergencies situation. Here are some of the common cat emergency care and treatment.

The unexpected emergency situations are for instance the cats may break its bone while climbing or jumping or get road accident. If it’s broken bone, you should not set the broken bone by yourself if you’re not skilled as a veterinarian.  However, you can stop the cats’ bleeding by using ice or cold water and take them to the veterinary emergency clinic immediately.



Another common issue about cat emergency is choking. You can open the cat’s mouth gently if she gets choked and see whether you can see the object but do not to tilt the cat’s head backward. If it is visible, you can help to remove the object inside your cat’s mouth by your own fingers or with the help of a tweezer. Be careful not to push the object because it will worsen the situation. You must not press on the cat’s chest using your hands or hold her upside down. It is still recommended to take your cat to the veterinarian although you have been able to remove the object.


#Electric Shock

The next cat’s emergency case that may happen unexpectedly is getting an electric shock. It is also a serious issue for your cats or kittens. You may have heard that some kitties bite electric wires, since they always play with anything. It can cause burns on her palate of her mouth or tongue, pain in her mouth or even breathing problem. You must not touch your cat directly if it’s still touching the exposed electric wire. You should turn off the current first immediately, and then take your cat away from it by using a wooden stick, or any electrically non-conductive materials. Please consider to take her to the vet as well.


#Eye Injury

In another case, if your cats get eye injury and it makes the eye bleeding, you need to wipe the blood gently with a wet cloth first. Do not let your cat rub her own eyes otherwise it gets worse. You should not apply for any medicine without consulting the vet. At least if you need help fast you can call your vet first to get immediate advice.

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