How to Cut Cat Claws Well and When to Cut Cat’s Nails

The way to cut cat claws is usually required and may be an obligation for pet owners, especially cat owners and this is closely related to the natural behavior of cats is scratching. Scratching is the natural behavior of cats and it’s needed by cats. As a cat owner, you can’t teach not to or prohibit your cat from scratch. However, you can provide a surface or a place to scratch and then teach your cat just to scratch only on the surface provided.

It is suggested to the cat owner, to get used to cut cat claws or kittens nails from their early age. Thus, the cats will get used and become calmer when their nails trimmed. This can be done by gently holding your cat’s feet. You can also do it by per each cat’s paw for one day so the cat does not feel stressed, even you can do when your cat nap.


Tools & Materials Needed to Trim Cats Claws

Nail clippers are the main tools needed if you want to cut cat claws. Many models and types of special nail clippers for pets sold in pet shops. Nail clippers which are often used daily to cut your nails can also be used. Make sure the nail clippers to be used really sharp because, if it’s less sharp, the result is not good for cat nails, sometimes even the nails or claws can be broken.


How to Trim Cats Nails

  • Hold the cat’s paw in your hand with your fingers using your thumb and forefinger.
  • Gently press one of the toes up until your cat’s nails are seen poking out of the holster.
  • Notice how in the middle of the claw that there is any part of the pink (called quick), on this part, there are blood vessels and nerves. Remember that this part must not be cut because it will cause bleeding and pain for the cat. If you accidentally cut it, immediately press the bleeding using a cotton swab until the bleeding is dry then you cat give iodine. If the bleeding continues, give styptic powder or silver nitrate powder which can be used to stop the bleeding. You can also use Potassium Permanganate/KMnO4 if you can get it immediately.

Noteworthy is the position of the nail clipper. There is  a different way for each trimming tools used. The principle is the nail is cut from bottom to top (vertical), not from the side. The possible broken nail can be even greater when cutting from the side.

This is how to hold the guillotine type clippers

guillotine type clippers

This is how to cut the nails with a guillotine (video)

This video is how to cut with ordinary scissors

  • Don’t forget to cut the “thumb” nails. Thumbnails are located closer to the wrist. The thumbnail is rarely used to scratch, so it is usually longer than the other nails. Actually, cut the nails back of a cat is not necessary because the nail behind the cats usually are not too used to scratching. Cut your nails regularly cat 3-4 weeks or if you feel your pet cat nails are very long.

Remember to cut cat claws with a little distance away from the quick (+ 1 mm). Better to cut cat nails a little but more frequent (1 or 2 weeks).

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