Himalayan Cats Breeds Information, Characteristics and History

Himalayan cats are the patterned color point. This cat breeds are the result of crossed-breed between Persian cats for the physical and Siamese cat. This Himalayan cat breeding had happened some years ago.

This is proved in 1920 by a geneticist at Sweden, Dr. Tjebbes breeded Persians with Siamese cats, which produced a new cat breed with a color pattern like Siamese but having long hair.

It is also said that the Himalayan cats were first Bred in the 1930s by a cat breeder Virginia Cobb and Dr. Clyde Keller of the Harvard Medical School. Both of them decided to breed Persian and Siamese cats because they wanted to develop a new breed which has the hair pattern like Siamese along with a long hair like Persian, or in other words, having color point long hair cats. They were eventually successful after had done several tries for years.

Nonetheless, a cross breed between Persian and Siamese cats is now no longer allowed.


Appearance Characteristics of Himalayan Cats

  • These cats have a full round face.
  • The main characteristic of the Himalayan cats is their dark blue eyes color.
  • Show Himalayans’ noses break as do show Persians (the “Ultra-Face” or “Peke” variety)
  • Their ears are rounded and small, and they have a well-developed chin.
  • Himalayan cats’ body build is referred to as “cobby.” This is the term is used for any animals that have a stout or stocky body.
  • Their wide chests, well-toned muscles, and their rounded appearance are further enhanced by their long hair.
  • The common hair color patterns of the Himalayan cats are color beige or white. The color point appears on their feet, tail, ears and face mask. They are well-known by their different color points such as brown, blue dots, purple, tortie mix, beige, seal, red or some mixes such as chocolate tortie, lilac-cream, and blue-cream, and cat or lynx marked points (such as lilac lynx, blue lynx, tortie lynx, cream lynx and etc.).


Behavioral Characteristics of Himalayan Cat

  • If there is one fact that all the owners of Himalayan cat breeds will agree is that the Himalayans are very people-oriented. They do well with family members and prefer to spend most of their time with their owners.
  • They are also friendly to other pets and they tend to live in the room.
  • A grown-up Himalayan cat is sometimes called Himalayan kitten because of their sweet and gentle nature.
  • These cats are also known for their playful trait and even they can enjoy playing catch. Additionally, they also are known for their love and lap time to be brushed and petted.
  • One thing that differentiates the Himalayas different from other cat breeds is the that Himalayans are not going to jump all over the house as hyperactive cats, this is also because of their cobby build. You can sit in your home with your Himalayas calmly at home. They enjoy living in households that are equally quiet.

Even when they need special care and grooming regularly. Almost the cat owners around the world agree that all of the cares are well worth for this beautiful Himalayan cat’s companion.

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