Be More Concern to Get the Best Cat Food for Diabetic Cats

Cat Food for Diabetic Cats

You should be aware if your cats show some of these symptoms; excessive hunger, excessive thirst, weight loss, and excessive urination. If they do, you should take your cat to your veterinarian as soon as possible for a check up. Then what would you do if you know that your cat get diabetes?

You may start to be more selective providing cat food for diabetic cats.  Stop giving your cat ‘treats’ too much and arrange your cat’s diet as better as possible.

The unique thing for a cat’s diet is that they don’t require carbohydrates, while dogs may require it. However you can find many cat foods which contain carbohydrates. Cat food for diabetic cats must eliminate or reduce the presence of carbohydrates and it also eliminates gluten, you should find this kind of diabetic cat food.

The special diet may help your cat to recover. It won’t require the administration of insulin. You should be stricter to make your cat follow a proper diet. There are some good manufacturers of cat food for diabetic cats such as Lams, Eukanuba or Fancy Feast.

Generally, most cat owners will stay away providing dry cat foods for their diabetic cats, because they are suggested to do it. You can also notice that all suggested cat foods for diabetic cats are wet cat foods. Thus, you should consider either replacing dry cat foods to something else or mixing it up, so that your cat won’t get entirely dry cat food.

Usually, veterinarians will prescribe these wet cat foods or suggest raw meat as your cat’s food. So you can prepare lean meats, cat foods with low carbohydrate, without sugar, and you can add a few vegetables.


One thing that you should consider no matter what stage your cat might be in the diabetes, it is something that is caused by us as cat owners. The cat food that we usually provide for our cats however is not the same as they have eaten for thousands of years. We probably have given them too many carbohydrates that may have caused our cats get the disease. Selecting a good kind of cat food earlier may save you some heartache than you have to find and buy cat food for your diabetic cats.

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