Food for Kitten – Best Dry Kitten Food Tips and Guide

After being born, kittens should be given their natural foods (mother cat’s breast milk) within 10-20 minutes. Do not forget also to feed the mother cat and give drinking when she is nursing her kittens.

In a day, kittens need to eat more than puppies: it can be five times a day for over five months old kittens, four times a day for over nine months old kittens, and then two or three times a day for adult cats. Food for kitten should be more varied than for the puppy.

Food for Kitten Day by Day

Food for kitten should be adjusted to its age. For less than one-month-old kitten, actually, it’s not allowed to be fed with solid food. It’s only able to consume milk only. If the kitten’s age is between one to two months old, it can be fed, but at first, it’s better than the food is soft and contain water (can be bought in supermarkets).

It’s important for you to give the kitten milk that doesn’t contain LACTOSE. Sometimes people’s mistake in taking care of a kitten with has no mother is giving the kitten the cow’s milk which is usually consumed us (which contain Lactose). Kitten’s body has no enzyme to digest lactose, so that it can cause diarrhea and the kitten can even die.


Special Milk for Kittens not Affordable

Actually, special milk for kittens can be purchased at the pet shop but the price is quite expensive. One solution is to give your kitten milk is giving soy bean milk (which does not contain lactose) which are sold in supermarkets. The price is more affordable.


Use a dropper to give the milk, but still, you should be careful to not choke the kitten. Get used to giving milk while it’s warm or you can heat it first.

Your kitten can be weaned at the age of eight weeks. At this age, the mother cat will not always be the kitten. So that you can start to give solid food. After two months old, kittens can start to eat solid and dry food because they usually have started to have perfect teeth.


Put the food for kitten in a kitten food bowl so it won’t be easy to spill. Kittens usually have diarrhea when their food is changed. So if you want to change the food menu for the kittens, do it gradually.

For the nursing mother cat, you should or may give de-worming every month. For the kittens, you should give the de-worming every two weeks starting at the age of two weeks to three months old.

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