First Aid to Cat Wound; Stopping Bleeding, Home Remedy

First Aid that You Can Do for Cat Wound.

Naturally, the cat will lick and clean minor cuts or injuries, however, as a cat owner and cat lover we have to take care of our cats from injuries they suffer. The first tip is cutting the fur around the wound first. If you find objects on its skin that make it hurt, you need to take it out gently.

The after cutting the hair around the wound, wash it with hydrogen peroxide 3%. You can also wash the wound as often as possible with a solution of water and salt or revanol. Then let the cat lick its own minor injuries.

But still, supervision should not be reduced. Examine the wound as if your cat constantly lick it, it may be an infection or skin disease. If that happens you inevitably have to bandage it then immediately contact the nearest vet.

What You Have to Do to Stop Bleeding on Cat Wound?

There are many ways to stop bleeding in cats. Make sure the first aid kit in your home is available such as gauze, antiseptic, plasters, and a tourniquet (a rope to tie the limbs so that bleeding can be detained).

Bandaging cat’s wound is almost the same way as you bandaged man’s wound. However, since the cat does not even understand that he is being treated, we can strengthen the bandage with a sterile bandage that can be purchased at pharmacies which available in various types and sizes. For the gauze which will be used, wet it first with water and mixed it with an antiseptic liquid.

If the wound is on the head, folding the ear and then go 3-4 times with gauze wrapping it. You should use an elastic bandage. Use safety pins to secure the specially made for medical treatment. Because the cat feet is where the large blood vessels and nerves exist, bleeding that occurs on the feet, the objects which embedded on the feet and made the wound should be carefully taken out.

Use a Tourniquet

Since it is very dangerous, and if you are afraid to do so, you can use a tourniquet. The tourniquet is fitted with straps to attach the part of bleeding by using a half knot tight, don’t be too tight. The binding shouldn’t be used for too long because it could stop the blood circulation. Loosen it every 15 minutes, besides to see if the blood has stopped you can also launch a re-circulation of the blood that had been dammed. The tourniquet should not be used in cats that have bitten by caterpillars, scorpions, spiders, and other poisonous animals.

Next thing to consider is how to use a gauze bandage on the cat’s feet and hands. It’s quite risky especially if the cat howled in pain and strongly struggled. Bind circularly, close the wounds that have been previously cleaned with sterile gauze, for more safety bandage the wound with cotton. Don’t be too tight and not too loose.

Traditional Home Remedy to Cure Cat Wound

Other than the usual medicine for cats that we got from the vet, we should prepare first aid kit for our cats, for example, gamat oil. Gamat oil can be used to cure cat’s wound. This traditional medication has been practiced by a lot of people since long time ago. One more thing that can be ensured is that gamat oil is not dangerous to the cat’s health in case they accidentally or deliberately lick it. Gamat oil is safe to be used externally. If the cat wound is a serious one. It’s better for you to bring your cat to the vet for a thorough check-up.

Other suggested home remedy is using honey as the first aid to cat wound. Honey applied to the cat wound acts as a fence that protects the wound from the outside factor of infection. Honey also relieves pain due to its nature as a natural anti-inflammatory. On the other hand, honey also makes the wound remains moist during the healing process but does not block the process.

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