Characteristics and History of Munchkin Cat – Cat Breed Facts

Munchkin cat is cat breed which was appeared because of natural genetic mutation that resulted in a cat with shorter legs.

In 1944, a veterinarian named HE Williams describes four generations of cats with short legs that lived wild in Britain. The cats lived with the voice and movement like weasels. Unfortunately, the cats disappeared in World War II.

Around 1953, Max Von Egon Thiel, a German, reported seeing a short-legged cat in Stalingrad. The cat breed was later found in the United States in 1964 by Ellen Kasten in the town of Westbury, New York. Growing up on a farm, Mrs. Kasten tended to greet almost animals to her home. She named the Munchkin cat as “Little One” because of its short feet as a kitten.

History then continued in 1983. Sandra Hochenedel, a Music Teacher in Louisiana, found two female cats under a truck. The two cats were pregnant. One of them with gray hair and another with black hair.

Both are named Blueberry, and Blackberry. The typical characteristics of the two cute cats are their short-sized legs. After Blackberry gave birth, all the kittens were also short-legged, and one of the kittens was given to her friend, Kay LaFrance.

By Kay LaFrance, the cat breed is named Toulouse. He later found the breed and got also short-legged kittens from Toulouse. Munchkin kitten who has been registered today are the descendants of Blackberry and Toulouse.

Munchkin cat was first introduced to the public in 1991 through a national network television show cat organized by The International Cat Association (Tica) at Madison Square Garden Critics predicted.

The term Munchkin itself appeared the first time when the movie of Wizard of Oz was reaching the peak of popularity. In the film, there were dwarfs called Munchkin. Since then this term began to stick with the short-legged cats.

Appearance Characteristics of Munchkin cat

  • The short leg of Munchkin cats is related to genetic mutations, not because of human manipulation. The genes that resulted in short legs to Munchkin cats are the same genes that cause short-leg breed of Daschund (teckel) and Welsh Corgi dogs. Unlike both dog breeds, Munchkin cat never experiences interference on the spine associated with its short anatomy.
  • A geneticist at Tica (The International Cat Association) named Dr. Solveig Pflueger, stated that the short leg on the Munchkin cat is caused by mutation of an autosomal dominant gene. Dr. Solveig Pfluege stated that although Munchkin cat has short legs. But there’s no problems or interference with the cat’s spine, as for 7 years he did research on this cat breed. He did not find any interference with the Munchkin cats.
  • Munchkin cats vary widely, they can be long or short haired.
  • Munchkin cats mated with a lot of other races, so their hair is very varied.
  • Currently, there are no specific standards that describe this cat breed. The challenge for breeders is to produce a Munchkin cat with consistent genetic traits. Because the cat breed is still in development stage, the main features or the standards for the Munchkin cat its is short legs.

Behavioral Characteristics of Munchkin cats

  • Munchkin cats are very playful and like to chase toys.
  • One of the things that cause the Munchkin is the preferred is the way to sit on the back feet with a position similar to rabbit.
  • Like most other cats, Munchkin is easy to adapt to humans and other animals.

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