Cat Travel; Complete Guides and Tips (How to Travel)

Cat Travel Tips and Guide.

Since cats do not take easily to traveling, traveling with them can be a stressful experience. Obviously, they are much happier staying at home and having your friend, neighbor, or a pet sitter to look after them. First of all, you need to evaluate your cats’ personality, and then you can decide if it is best for them to travel with you. Does he get stressed out in new situations? Does he adapt quickly to new places? or does he like to travel in the car?. You need also consider where you will be staying because some motels and hotels do not allow pets.

However if you have to think about it a lot and there’s no other choice but taking your cats for traveling, you should know the following tips about cat travel.

Essential Accessories

Think about their needs and some important things before you pack them up and go. Make sure that your cats are wearing his collar ID tags before you leave the house. Make sure as well that you bring along necessary things that he will need while away from home. You can pack his foods, pet carrier, toys, cat beds, a litter box, the scoop and litter, a brush and a scratching post the night before you leave.

A cat carrier is one of the most important things to be brought. You can prepare your cat for being in the carrier before the trip by leaving the flap or door of the carrier open. Give your cat time to explore the carrier by placing its favorite toy or a treat inside. Praise your cat if he enters the carrier on its own when it’s time to travel. Then you can be sure that he won’t have any problem staying inside.

Next thing you can do for good cat travel is you should stick to your cat’s regular schedule as usual as possible. Your cat will not become stressed or anxious if playtime or dinner time still occurs at the usual times. Give him extra attention because the more your cat feels at home while traveling, the more relaxed he will be.

Travel by Car

Before you go, you can consult with your vet for any medication that can prevent the difficult situation when you are traveling with your cat by car. It is advised that you should not feed your cat sooner than three hours before going, and don’t forget to bring food and water for your cat. Remember also to bring a garbage and bag paper towels, just in case you need them to clean the carrier.

If you and your cat travel by car, don’t leave your cat or kitten alone in the car for any amount of time like when you park your car while having lunch at a restaurant, even with the window cracked open. This is because the interior of a car can heat up to a deadly temperature in minutes.

Travel by Plane

When you and your cat traveling by plane, you have to make sure the airline allows your cat can stay with you. Make sure also that the airplane has room for your cat to move around in its carrier if the airline does allow pet staying with you. If your cat has to be carried as cargo, the important thing is you will need a crate which is comfortable for your cat and meets the specifications of the airline. You need to put some familiar items in the crate with your cat because this experience may be a bit traumatic for them at the first time.

The above cat travel tips can make your travel experience less stressful for you and your cat. With the proper and enough preparations, you and your cat can have a relatively stress free experience.

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