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Cat train in order to make your cat can urinate and defecate in the place provided is a problem for cat owners worldwide. All cat owners must have experienced this problem. I have experienced ups and downs about the problems of cat urine. But eventually, I can successfully provide ‘guidance’ for my cats to urinate and defecate in an orderly manner, how?



Prepare a big litter box if the cat is an adult cat and a small litter box when the cat is a kitten. Got one cat, you must have a minimum of one litter box. While having 4 cats, then you should have 3 litter boxes over the sandbox.  By having sufficient sandbox, you can control and check if one cat has digestive problems or not.

Place the sanded litter box in the place that already covered with newspaper or a washable mat. Put in a quiet, not noisy, and far from their feeding places, but easy to be reached by the cat.


How to do the cat train is, usually after eating, the cat would run into the litter box/where they usually urinate and defecate. This is what happened to my cat. Just after 15 minutes of the cat had eaten or before eating, take the cat and put it in the litter box you provide. Let it thinking, if the cat goes away, put it back in the litter box. He’ll understand shortly after you teach him to scratch the sand on the litter box. Cats would urinate.

If it’s not working, I’m sorry, the cat isn’t the kind of smart cat and someone has to show the way first. This is called copy-cat or cat the imitator. Again, you have to wait and always be alert, every cat’s scratching on the floor means he wants to urinate or defecate. The point here is “slowly.” Take the cat and put it in the litter box. Continue that way until the cat can not stand and urinate in the litter box that provided. Don’t scold if he does wrong, your cats would think you scold him because he did it wrong in the litter box, and the cat will be difficult to urinate there because of the unpleasant memory.

Do not forget to clean the litter box every day. Once you find a place for the litter box that your cat has known, don’t move it again.



Cat train to make your cat can urinate and defecate in the bathroom is quite easy. If previously your cat urinates in the tub, you can put the empty tub in the bathroom. Then every time your cat’s scratching the floor, you can take it without a rush into the bathroom in which there is a used litter box. The cat will smell his own urine odor and urinate nearby. Always do this repeatedly and patiently.

The point of cat train is doing repetitive activity for the cat’s memory.

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