Cat Genie Review – Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Cats are called as our beloved feline friends since they are independent and very sweet nature. To take care of them, the main thing to do is just feeding them daily. One thing that would be unpleasant is just the stinky smell which comes from your cats’ litter box and we have to clean the mess as soon as possible. Fortunately, Cat Genie will rescue you form this task.

Cat Genie is an automatic flushable cat litter which can help instead you should manually clean the usual cat boxes. It flushes our toilet and cleans itself after being used. Now the stinky smell of your cats’ waste is no longer spreading inside your house.

Generally, when you purchase it, you will get the connection to the water supply, an easy to follow-instruction, electric outlet, 2 cartridges of sanitizer, and 2 boxes of granules all inside one package.

It can work in three ways. One of them is automatic cleaning; it means the Genie Cat Litter Box will clean itself 4 times per day. Next is when you want it to clean itself anytime, you just need to press the start button to let it work in this way. The last is cat activation mode; it means it will work when it needs to be cleaned.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages using this device. You may know the common opinions from the users in order to consider more in purchasing.

Advantages of Cat Genie:

  • Eliminating litter box smell as soon as possible.
  • Automatically flush the litter instead of cleaning manually, 4 times a day cleaning by itself.
  • There still the option of manually activation to work by pressing the start button.
  • It can be dried by itself after cleaning as well.
  • Still fulfill your cats’ instinct for digging, because the device has granules for your cats to dig after doing their business.
  • Easy to be set, the DIY setting is helped by a clear instruction as well.
  • Friendly for the environment, you don’t need to waste your cats’ litter somewhere every day. It uses water and sanitizer which won’t make harm to the environment as well. It’s certainly eco-friendly.


  • The light granules can be spread around the Genie Cat Box when your cats kick it while digging; it spread the waste and its smell as well. Then you need to sweep it and put them back to the CatGenie.
  • It needs half an hour to finish the cleaning.
  • It usually makes noise while it works.
  • Need some time for adjustment of your cats’ to change their new type of toilet.
  • When your cats’ waste is too soft the device still needs to be cleaned manually. Otherwise, when you let it dried first you may smell the stink.
  • For some cat owners, the Genie Cat Box is quite expensive to afford.

Nevertheless, you may check online if there is any new product or newly released version available for Cat Genie which can answer the disadvantages that previous users have.

I can conclude that this is a very good tool for you as a cat owner and cat lover. The Cat Genie really can save your time without hassle tool. Though it’s quite not cheap but it’s worth the money you spend.

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