Cat Bond- How to Bond with Your Kitten or Other Cats

Cat Bond: In any relationship, a bond or you can say a link or connection is the most important factor. So as cat owners you may need and want to have a better bond with your cat and vice versa. In making a bond with a cat you have to know the following easy tips which can surely change the quality of your relationship with your cats, it will be well improved. An electrifying and happy relationship for both of you will be created.


You and Your Cat’s Playtime

A regular playtime between you and your cat should be created and maintained. Regular playtime will give you lots of benefits, such as;

  • Develop your cat’s personality.
  • Solve your cat’s behavioral problem.
  • Help your cat to calm down and sooth its stress.
  • Help to your cat to stay healthy, because playing is some kind of sport for the cat.
  • Decrease your cat’s aggression problems while building trust to your cat.
  • Creates an unbreakable bond with the cat.

For playing with your cat, you don’t have to buy expensive toys. As you know, the cat will even tear or destroy any toys within few hours. To save the expenses, you can make toys on your own from un-used things that you can find in your house. Playing for the cat is hunting something’s attracting. It means you have to make the toy as they were prey.

You can take a rope as a toy. Starts slowly sliding the rope here and there in front of your cat when it relaxes. Give a sudden move as if the rope is scared when your cat tries to catch it. Sometimes also make the rope hide at something and sliding it again slowly. The key to playing with your cat is making the toy seems alive; your cat will have fun. While you don’t make it easy for your cat to catch the toy, sometimes let him hold or bite it for a while to make your cat feel the achievement. Change the other things as a toy as much as you can find at home for the next playing time, it can be a ping-pong ball too.


Talking to Your Cat

You don’t have to feel weird and silly by talking to your cat, because most cat owners do this. It is better to talk to your cat in a soft voice. Act like you are answering as well when it’s meowing. Talking to your cat will help it to understand your feelings based on your tone of voice. Even you can sing to your cat to make it feel happy as you do. This habit will help to create cat bond.


Giving Cat Massage

As touch is a powerful sense, massaging your cat will help to create a strong bond as well. You should massage your cat when it’s in a relaxed mood. There are some areas of your cat’s body which are good to be massaged.

  • Right behind the ears.
  • Under the chin.
  • Bottom of the cheeks.
  • Shoulder blades back right (at the base of the tail).


Give Your Cat ‘Self Time’

You cat won’t like over stimulation. They also can get bored. When your cat shows signs of irritation you are better to leave him alone. Actually, the cat is an independent animal. You don’t need to feel worried when it seems to avoid you sometimes, just believe that it will come back to you when he knows that you respect its own time, this will also create your bond with the cat.


Giving Yummy Cat Treats

Give your cat yummy cat treats whenever it shows a good behavior, such as when it starts to urinate in the proper place that you provide. Cat treats are available in any pet stores, or you can make it by your self by knowing the cat treat recipes. Don’t make it too often in giving cat treat as it may affect your cat’s health. You may know when the treat is good to be given. Your cat will give more love to you and it will create and maintain strong cat bond with you.

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